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The Company

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The ERGOMODELS team welcomes you!

If you have visited this site, it means you are a creative person. And your creativity is connected with the creation of clothes!


ERGOMODELS offers you developed basic clothing designs (men's, women's and children's).


You can use ready-made patterns for personal design work, as well as create collections on a production scale.


The range of models will be regularly updated with new works of ready made-patterns.


Modern technologies have allowed us to share 35 years of experience with you.


Our patterns are perfectly balanced in all parameters. Cutting details are thought out for maximum convenietn use and all our work is tested in practice..  

We wish you inspiration!

Dare & Do experiments!

Find creative solutions! 

Ergomodels in the Media

May thanks to for recognizing our work through this honorary article, in which the work and services of ERGOMODELS are acknowledged by some of the best professionals in the Greek fashion industry.


Read the dedicated article HERE 

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